Can Adenium be grown in Denmark

I don�t know yet, but I have bought seeds from 1 seller in Denmark and 5 different sellers in Thailand so I will give it a try.

Below you can see the sellers photos of the different Adeniums and follow the results of my test.

I expect that some of the photos are fakes


Maybe some people can grow adeniums in Denmark, but I did not have much success. During winter I have lost 205 of 209 adeniums and I think the rest won’t make it either.

They just rot from below as if they are over-watered.

I still have some seeds left so I might give it another try in 2011

Day 0 Day 4 Day 10 Day 12            
Yellowdream  Rosemarry  True_Yellow  Purple_Star  Pink_Praw  New-two-tone 
Vanilla_ice  Ultraviolet  Tuang-thong  Take_A_Nap  Kaleidoscope  Greddaw 
RED_TIGER  Moungjumpa  Mhasethe  Honeymoon  Magenta-Windmill  Kissing 
Florida  Doungsuda  Doublecolor  CREAMORANGE  CHARYEN  budsaracom 
fragrant_delight  Delight_Or  Bonggot  Casanova  Black-blue  Asian_star 
Rose Zircon  Blue Diamond  Deep_violet  Som_Pakarang  Blueberry  Ploy Chompu 
Kanjanabubi  Catariya  ZEYA  STAR VOICE  METRO  DELUX 
BUTTER FLY  KENDO   beautiva       


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